Nat Damon Author Page

Nat Damon is a writer and educator living in London and Los Angeles, CA. He published a book about teaching, Time to Teach: Time to Reach - Expert Teachers Give Voice to the Power of Relational Teaching (Relational Schools Foundation, Cambridge, UK, 2018) and he is the Founding Director of Reach Academics LLC, which serves to strengthen the relationships between all members of K-12 school communities.

Nat grew up in a family of six outside of Boston, MA. He was an English teacher and school administrator for two decades. All the while, he wrote books and screenplays. Nat received a Master’s in English Literature from Middlebury College’s Bread Loaf School of English and taught in schools in both Massachusetts and California.

While not writing or consulting, Nat often finds himself sailing in Nantucket Sound, traveling to remote areas of the world, or actively involved in organizations aimed at giving voice to the marginalized. This is Nat’s first published work of fiction.


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