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Celebrating 8 years of SilverWood Books

Published: 25 Mar 2015  - updated: 31 Mar 2015

Leading the way for quality
as self-publishing comes of age

Self-publishing, a recent revolution in the book business, is now undergoing a revolution of its own - quality.

SilverWood Books was proud to celebrate its eighth anniversary this March.

Founded in March 2007 by author-turned-publisher Helen Hart, the key feature of a SilverWood book is that it aims to match or even exceed the production values of the large traditional publishing houses such as Penguin and HarperCollins. This means that a SilverWood author ends up with a well-made and marketable book in an industry that is often criticised for low production values.

Publishing Director Helen Hart says, "The perception was once that if a book was self-published then it wasn’t as good as those published conventionally, but that’s completely out-dated now. Ambitious authors are keen to educate themselves, do their research, and engage professional help. SilverWood’s expert team works closely with writers to ensure that books are edited and professionally designed, typeset and printed. Authors now want to work with companies that will put care and attention into their books."

To celebrate 8 years and almost 400 books and ebooks, SilverWood Books have just published Selection Box, a collection of writing from 10 well-loved authors including Historical Novel Society Indie Award 2014 shortlisted Alison Morton, finalist David Ebsworth, and 2015 finalist Anna Belfrage.

SilverWood authors also include former BBC Radio 4 broadcaster Sarah LeFanu, Oxford University Press editor Alan Hamilton, former Defence Secretary Sir John Nott, and Whitbread and Guardian nominated children's author Ann Turnbull. Other SilverWood success stories are Huffington Post bloggers PD Murphy and Michael MacMahon; regular speakers on the literary festival circuit Sandy Osborne, Lucienne Boyce, and Ed Hancox; USA Today bestseller Helen Hollick; and a high number of IndieBRAG Medallion Honorees (IndieBRAG rejects over 90% of submissions to its medallion award).

SilverWood Selection Box

The SilverWoodSelection Box is free to download from a range of sites. Read more here.

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