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Anything Goes with Becky Walsh

Published: 13 Jun 2016  - updated: 29 Jul 2016

SilverWood author Becky Walsh has launched a controversial new phone-in show, Anything Goes with Becky Walsh, on the Made Television network. With her no-holds-barred style, Becky is offering a contemporary alternative to traditional agony aunt style TV programmes. 

Unlike those daytime chat shows that only too often end in a shouting match that leads to one of the participants storming off stage, Becky’s late-night show provides a no-nonsense platform for adult discussion. The show is broadcast live and viewers are invited to #CallBecky to talk about their problems, be it bullying in the workplace or expectations in the bedroom. A different topic-related expert joins Becky each week to offer more specialist insights and when Becky says 'Anything Goes’, she really means it. 

An expert in the field of giving advice, Becky has four published self-development books, including You Do Know - learning to act on intuition instantly, which pioneers some revolutionary ideas about the relationship between the gut and the brain. She is trained in psychology and psychosynthesis (her aptitude for which she credits her dyslexia) and has a degree in interdisciplinary studies. Broadening her reach through fiction, she has published an erotic novel, Cupcakes and Coffee, under the pseudonym Rebecca Stone. Her words of wisdom have also travelled across the globe where she has given talks as far afield as Australia, Hong Kong and the US as well as at the I Can Do It seminar in London . With a resume like that, its no wonder viewers are tuning in to hear Becky’s advice on everything from family traumas to their most intimate relationship issues. 

The transition from author to chat show host was a natural one for Becky, who is delighted to have been given this opportunity to share her knowledge and interact directly with people, who she has said are her biggest inspiration. Becky says, "I always expected my books would be the thing to get a message out and that all I needed to do was land a big publisher. Having done that, I found that I then needed a platform to sell the books. I'm lucky that I have other talents and I know there's only so far you can go with Facebook, so anti-social media, such as the TV, could be key for my books to really sell." 

Becky will be supporting her fellow independent authors as much as possible. She will do this by recommending self-help books to her viewers and inviting guests, such as Sharon King, author of Heal Your Birth, Heal Your Life, published by SilverWood last year, onto her show. "Self-help books have changed my life and I love sharing when I find a new one," says Becky, with a true passion for her subject. "I now understand the meaning of the words 'sticking your neck out' as it does feel like I may end up being publicly beheaded in this age of social media hangings! But if you don't stick your head out, find your voice and create from your heart, you become an arm chair critic."

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If you don’t want to be an armchair critic, you can find out more about how to #CallBecky and where to see Anything Goes with Becky Walsh here and follow her page on Facebook here.  You can also follow her on Twitter

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