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An Unexpected Reunion

Published: 30 Nov 2016  - updated: 7 Dec 2018

In May 2017, we received a call at SilverWood from a reader who wanted to get in touch with one of our authors, Rosie Parr. When David Morgan told us his story we knew that Rosie, whose biography, A Shy and Simple Warrior, is based on her father’s experiences of serving in the Royal Navy, was going to want to hear from him. 'I think her grandfather may have saved my father’s life,’ he told us.

A few months later, we received an email from Rosie saying that she had met with David, a retired brigadier with the Gurkha Rifles, and their union had been pretty extraordinary.

David had felt compelled to get in touch with Rosie after attending a dinner party near his home in Somerset where the guests were discussing A Shy and Simple Warrior, a new book by a local author. "I overheard people talking about the book and told them, 'That's funny, my father was in the engine room on HMS Warrior.’"

In fact David’s father, Geoffrey Morgan, and Rosie’s grandfather, George Lancaster, spent eighteen months together on HMS Warrior, a ten-gun armoured cruiser.

Geoffrey was a quiet man who never boasted but, thanks to Rosie, David has uncovered a trove of details about his father’s phenomenal past.

It was on May 31 1916 that a shell exploded in the port engine room. Geoffrey, then a 26-year-old engineer lieutenant and George, a 29-year-old engine room petty officer, heroically risked their lives keep the engines going.

Rosie said: "The ship was badly shot up by the German ships but Warrior managed to escape more enemy fire and get to safety because the engine room crew kept the engines going. But they found themselves trapped.

She added, "Around 6,000 British sailors died at Jutland so their escape is quite extraordinary."

It’s now 100 years since Jutland and the wreck of HMS Warrior was uncovered in October 2016 by Dr Innes McCartney, a well-known marine archaeologist.

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