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The SilverWood Social

Published: 2 Nov 2017  - updated: 29 Mar 2018

Our popular annual event, the SilverWood Social, took place on Saturday 28 October 2017 at the Bristol Mercure Brigstow Hotel.

After a Prosecco drinks reception, we all enjoyed the lively and fascinating conversation between thriller writer Sanjida Kay and publishing assistant Cat Dickie in the hotel’s lovely Riverside Room (truly a 'room with a view’). Sanjida inspired the audience with a discussion about structure in her novels, how she works with bloggers to market her books, and what it’s like to write scenes from the point of view of the antagonist in a story.

The Fabulous Flash Fiction event, hosted by SilverWood's Annie Broomfield, was a fun and relaxed ice-breaker.

This Twitter-style challenge was to try to write a complete story in up to 280 characters. Below is a taste of some of the work:

After the first murder it was just work. A job. Boring really, just a way to pay the rent. But this time, it was fun.


A woman's lot is full of snares and pitfalls. Snares laid by men to crush her dreams, to cage her ambitions, to prevent her finding any fulfilment beyond what is expected by society and the church.


Charlie, a Sussex farmer, eschews fertilisers, plants, hedges. He watches birds by the sea. Charlie has a past. A German past. A destructive past. Charlie doesn't know it, but he killed my father. My son adores him.


Afterwards, we moved out onto the elegant Mezzanine for delicious food, wine, and lots of friendly chat about books and writing. Thank you to everyone who attended, and for all the lovely feedback. We're already looking forward to next year!

Want to know more...?

The Social offers a friendly and comfortable opportunity for SilverWood authors to get together, share experiences, and chat about 'the writing life’. New authors are always welcome, along with those who are considering working with SilverWood and who wish to know more about the publishing process.

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