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Pam Gregory's Book Launch Success Story

Published: 29 Sep 2017  - updated: 7 Dec 2018

I’m very active on social media (Facebook and Twitter), posting items several times a week, and I also have a YouTube channel.

My videos generally achieve around 35,000-40,000 views, the highest being 60,000, and they are viewed by a global audience. I put out a new video twice a month, updating people on astrological developments.

This activity means I had already built a strong following to tell about my new book. There is a huge appetite for astrological information.

A couple of months before publication, I started to mention in my YouTube videos and social media posts that I had a new book being published in the autumn, which sparked a lot of interest. About a week before launch I started to refer to the title, How to Co-Create Using the Secret Language of the Universe.

I had already loaded the book cover onto my website, and made it available for purchase.

Just before the book was published, I sent out this video to announce it, and explain what the book was about. This has had over 6,000 views.

On publication day, a fellow author and friend of mine offered to interview me, and the interview went out on YouTube again. This was a really fun interview to do.

When I checked on Amazon UK my book was at #8 during the first couple of days of the launch - I was amazed that I was already an Amazon bestseller!

Five days later, I filmed and posted another YouTube video announcing the video companion to my book, which would give more information. The companion contains approximately 75 minutes of concentrated teaching around the main subject of the book. When I checked on Amazon after launching this my book had reached #2!

In these first few days, I got four 5* reviews on Amazon (three on the US site and one on the UK site), and I’ve posted these on my book page on my website. I hope to get more, as my first book achieved forty-seven 5* reviews in total across both Amazon sites. This constant cross-referencing really helps to boost the sales profile too.

I've also set up a Facebook forum for readers of How to Co-Create using the Secret Language of the Universe, so that readers can share their experiences of how they have benefitted from reading the book. This is working well, as people are seeing more and more in the book by understanding what others have experienced from reading it.

In addition to that, I’ve taken specific quotes that I feel capture the character of the book, placed them on a beautiful template and posted them on Facebook and Twitter. I’m putting each one out twice a week, and will continue to do this for several months.

Next week, a month post-publication, I am being interviewed by another astrologer with a very big following (around 100,000 people subscribe to her YouTube channel). I will upload this to my own YouTube channel, social media and my website. That should give another boost to sales as her followers are obviously all interested in astrology.

I aim to get my book to #1, but I would happily settle for #2 after only 5 days!

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