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Published: 28 May 2020  - updated: 3 Jul 2020

What’s New in the Learning Zone?

How to Create Lovable Book Characters

Helping your readers fall in love with your characters is a classic route to a successful book. Creating strong characters also offers the opportunity for developing a sequel or turning your book into a series. As a writer, to develop your characters, you’ll need to think through how they behave, their personality and style, what kinds of relationships they build - creating a character profile - also known as a character arc. Read the full article here.

How to Create Space for Your Writing

Being an author can be tough. One minute you’re full of ideas, firing and ready to write. The next minute, you might be struggling to get out of bed, let alone be ready to write a novel or non-fiction bestseller. Here we look at the ways to create space for your writing, giving you the best chance to focus on what you want to achieve.


Meet the Author

Thank you to all authors who emailed enquiring about SilverWood’s 'Meet the Author’ offer. The response was overwhelming and, while we will do our best to feature all SilverWood authors, we will prioritise those with recently-published titles. Thank you all so much for your enthusiasm!

Elly Donovan Special Offer

One of SilverWood’s trusted book PR specialist’s, Elly Donovan, is currently offering 33% off the price of a professional UK media PR campaign for your forthcoming book(s). But hurry. The offer only lasts until June, and PR campaigns must be booked and paid for before 30 June 2020.

Elly says, "It does not matter if your book is not due for publication until autumn or winter. If you order and pay for your PR campaign now, you can still benefit from these special offer prices."

For further information about this special offer, please email with a short description of your book together with the publication/release date (if known).

Central Books Reopens

SilverWood is delighted that its UK books distributor has reopened for business. You can find more details here.

In Author News:

Elizabeth Hopkinson, author of Asexual Fairy Tales, has launched the Kickstarter for her next book due to be published with SilverWood, Asexual Myths & Tales (illustrations above). Launched on 11 May and regularly updated with new content, support this fabulous book and find out more here.

Taking to the airwaves: we were really happy to see that Richard Bland’s children’s book, AB Gets His Wings, is now available as an audio reading on YouTube! Read by Colin McLean here.

Keep it up: John Rigg, author of An Ordinary Spectator, reflects on his blog what watching sport brings to our everyday lives.

Natalie Trice, author of PR School: Your Time to Shine co-hosted a webinar. After being named as one of top ten women on media to watch last year, Natalie talked all things PR with Angelica Malin at 'About Time Magazine' as part of a weekly webinar series.

Faith the facts: we were thrilled to see that John Holroyd has been featured in REToday. His article, 'A Vision of Dialogue in the RE Classroom and Beyond' was featured in the summer 2020 issue of REtoday, the magazine for the Religious Education community.

John’s book Judging Religion: A Dialogue for Our Time, is available at the SilverWood bookshop.

Hot Off the Press

Published this month...

1 May: We kicked off the month’s publications with True Colors in My Ordinary World, a unique musical journey through one young girl’s coming of age. This is Nat Damon’s warm testament to the power and importance of human belonging taking place at the dawn of the internet age.

11 May saw the publication of Ian Preston’s Relly, Ogi Ogi and the Secret of Dragon’s Teeth Cave. This is the second instalment in the magical Imago series. Join Relly and Ogi Ogi as they race across Imago to help free their friend Father Rhyme from the clutches of the wicked General.

15 May: another great book in Mark Dando’s business coaching series. Coach, Sell, Teach, Tell™️ is a mindset book that teaches you how to transform the development you provide to people. Read about Mark’s publishing journey as a business owner in our Case Study.

18 May: Emily Owen’s brilliantly inventive and immersive steampunk debut, The Mechanical Maestro, was published. With a fantastic illustrated cover, this follows genius brothers George and Douglas Abernathy and their clockwork creation, Maestro. Read more on Emily’s website here.

Coming Soon...

What’s due for publication next month? Take a look at our Coming Soon section...

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