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July News at SilverWood

Published: 6 Aug 2020  - updated: 1 Oct 2020

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Kickstarter Launch

We’re excited to announce that Dona Bradley has launched her kickstarter campaign for her charming children’s picture book, I Sat On A Mouse. It features a naughty monster who has a great time sitting on and squashing lots of different animals! She needs your help to make this lovely book become a reality, so take a look at her Kickstarter page for more, which features mockups of the illustrations as well as exciting ideas for merchandise, prints, t-shirts and tote bags.

New Articles

Seeing Your Book in Print

Nothing prepares you for the rush of emotions when your book is printed. As the author, you’ll have been through the PDF proofs to sign off how it will look - both on the outside and the inside. Yet it’s another leap to receive the physical product. In this article, we speak to author V.S. Minou to share with you how it feels to see your book in print.

New Case Study

This month we featured Denise Barnes, whose historical novels written under the pen name Fenella Forster. She created The Voyagers trilogy, all published by SilverWood Books. In 2016, she secured a traditional publishing deal with Avon HarperCollins for three historical novels, which were penned as Molly Green; these proved very successful, with two of them hitting the Amazon Kindle chart at No. 1. She is currently writing her sixth Molly Green novel for Avon. Read how she achieved this success here.

In Author News:

More blog tours this month! All the featured tours in July were organised with Anne Cater of Random Things Tours.

The Secret of Creek Cottage (picture above) had a tour to coincide with its publication day, from 8-14 July. See what readers had to say about Tina M Edwards’ timeslip novel.

"This is a book which benefits greatly from lyrical and beautiful writing, creating a sense of other worldliness, a gentle force beyond explanation." - Northern Reader blog.

"A tense, atmospheric and fascinating ghost story." - Dr Alice Violett.

See more from Tina at her website or on Twitter.

Rob Saunders took his middle grade fantasy novel, Dragon River, on tour between 8-17 July. Take a look at what readers have to say about the book:

"I read this along with my eldest and loved every second. We read it chapter by chapter every night and I had to hold myself back after bedtime to not read ahead. It reminded me how to feel excited about the prospect that anything is possible." - Bunny’s Pause blog.

"This is such an adorable introduction to fantasy for middle grade readers." - Like Herding Cats blog.

Read more about Dragon River and the Dragon Gallo at his website.

Emily Owen toured between 23-29 July, with her steampunk debut, The Mechanical Maestro. She got some fantastic reviews for the book!

"It is absolutely breathtaking how immersed you get in this story. I am just blown away by the attention to detail ... I am obsessed with this book." - Jessica Belmont.

"This was a truly wonderful story, and I can’t wait to see where the rest of the series will take me!" - Made Up Book Reviews blog.

This month we published Jenny Martin’s reflections on her eight-year association with Dame Vera Lynn. Read about Jenny’s writing and Dame Vera’s foreword to Jenny’s book, Aftermath, here.

Thinking about what video could do for your book? Children’s author Pauline Tait passed 100,000 views of her video for the full read of The Fairy in the Kettle this month. Congrats! Watch her here or visit

Our featured authors this month on Facebook were Adam Lowenstein, author of Reframe the Day and David Ebsworth, author of the Yale Trilogy. David’s third and final instalment of the Yale trilogy, Wicked Mistress Yale, The Parting Glassis published in August, so keep your eyes peeled for more in our August round up!

Hot Off the Press

Published this month...

10 July - Fin and the Red Deer. This is Vix J Cooper’s charming story of friendship and responsibility demonstrating the principles of tolerance and respect. Featuring the lively Red Deer family and their dancing hooves, as well as fun activity ideas for children.

Follow Vix and Fin’s adventures on Facebook or Twitter.

10 July - Steeped in Cornish folklore and the supernatural, The Secret of Creek Cottage weaves magic alongside friendships, loss and the power of love. Tina M Edwards’ timeslip novel was published on this day. Visit Tina’s website here.

Coming Soon...

What’s due for publication next month? Take a look at our Coming Soon section... or if you’d like to book a free Discovery Call to chat about your next book then please schedule a session with one of our helpful publishing assistants here.

“If you’re thinking of self-publishing, I hope you don't go at it alone. With a team like SilverWood behind you, you have the support you need to publish the best work you believe in.”

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