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SilverWood Books Celebrates its 500th Author!

Published: 18 Jun 2020  - updated: 3 Sep 2020

We are excited to celebrate the sign-up of our 500th author. It is a thrilling milestone to achieve knowing that we have helped 500 writers and entrepreneurs to achieve their dreams of becoming professional authors and publishing over 1000 books in the process.

Passion, expertise and collaboration are the driving forces behind SilverWood. As the publishing industry grows rapidly, it is becoming harder for authors to navigate which services they need to get their book out there and a lot of them decide to take the self-publishing route. SilverWood focuses on building a personal relationship with each author so that there is professional trust, and reassurance that we are working with them to help them achieve their dream.

A good publisher will produce a retail-ready, professionally produced book to rival a trade publisher’s, in collaboration with the author. Therefore, the author has full control on how their book will look. SilverWood’s expertise ensures the highest publishing industry standards every single time.

Helen Hart, Publishing Director here at SilverWood, says: "It’s amazing to think that in our thirteenth year, we are about to work with our 500th writer! I’m so proud of the lovely SilverWood team, who work incredibly hard to support writers and authors through their publishing journeys. We’ve been using this more reflective time during the Covid lockdown to re-focus SilverWood, and we’re now advising some fantastic professional female entrepreneurs who want to write and publish books to promote their own credentials and businesses."

Mark Dando, entrepreneur and co-founder of 'Coloured Square’ personal development company, has published several non-fiction books in order to grow his business and credibility. This is what he has to say about SilverWood Books: "What SilverWood gives me is the confidence that my book is going to happen. I know they’ll complete the process professionally. That’s what I value very highly about SilverWood. Not just the end product, but their patience with me while keeping the process moving. Our needs are quite specific and they work hard to make the books the way we want them."

As self-publishing experts with over thirteen years of experience in the industry, we’re excited to celebrate this milestone and are more focused than ever before to help even more authors navigate the complex world of publishing.

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“If you’re thinking of self-publishing, I hope you don't go at it alone. With a team like SilverWood behind you, you have the support you need to publish the best work you believe in.”

J A Higgins