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June News at SilverWood

Published: 2 Jul 2020  - updated: 3 Sep 2020

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Raising Agent

The Kickstarter campaign has just been launched for Lily Clarke’s charming children’s story, Hector’s Perfect Cake. Can Hector bake the perfect cake for his granny?

Get involved and help support this sweet project with an important message at its centre. Well done, Lily for reaching half of your funding already! For more, go to the book's website here.

New Articles

When and How to Do a Cover Reveal on Social Media

So, you’ve finalised your cover design and are excited to share it with your online followers. There are a few things to consider first when organising a cover reveal. In our newest article, we reveal our tips for how to share your cover to the greatest effect.

New Case Study

Our latest case study features Angela Dandy, author of the Silveries series, which features a plucky group of pensioners who won’t let a little thing like age stand in their way of solving mysteries and exposing fraud. Read how Angela brought them to life here.

In Author News:

SilverWood author, lecturer and race campaigner Roger Griffith has an article in the Bristol Post. He considers the recent protests in light of the wider civic and his own personal history of activism against racism, in Bristol and abroad. He says "I found out the hard way that I could not argue with history but it could be a force for change if we heed to its lessons."

"We need to destroy the plinths that support the bedrock of systematic, institutional and endemic racism and feed social inequality. Only when the rock of racism has been lifted from our bodies can we play a full part in society without carrying its burden." Read the full article here.

Blog tours galore! Now is a great time to do a blog tour, which can be done remotely, with electronic copies of your book, but be shared widely online.

Paula Smedley took her novel, The Inconvenient Need to Belong, on tour from 3-12 of June with Anne Cater’s Random Things Tours.

Here’s a snippet from one of the reviewers, GNTxReads blog: "An Inconvenient Need To Belong was so moving, absorbing, and intimate that I read it fully in one sitting! It was absolutely marvellous and captured me completely from start to finish."

Prue Phillipson’s book, Lesson of Love, also took a tour, from 10-19 June, organised with Anne Cater.

"A unique and honest perspective and a story that needs to be told." - Herding Cats blog.

"I found it refreshing how unashamedly she writes about her faith and what it means to her and how she was able to seek comfort and guidance through the darkest of days when her mother could be unkind or difficult." - Intensive Gassing About Books blog.

Pauline Tait’s novel of a woman escaping domestic abuse, A Life of Their Own, toured from 15-21 June. As part of this she had a great interview with Book After Book blog.

On 28 June, Richard Bland was interviewed on BBC Radio London by Gaby Roslin. Forward to 2hrs in, and you’ll hear Richard talking about the importance of children's mental health, his book AB Gets His Wings, and why he's fundraising in support of the Dove Service.

Here’s what the Dove Service said: "It was a fantastic interview with Gaby and we thank Richard for taking the time to speak so openly about the reasons behind writing the book and how he is striving to raise awareness of mental health, whilst fundraising on our behalf."

You can support Richard's fundraising and buy AB Gets His Wings here.

Dennis Loynes was featured in Worcester News, advertising his newly published book Pathway to Love, one of our published titles this month. See below for more!

Book Club Feature: Mike Low’s book, Sandra Eden's War, was Book of the Day with the onlinebookclub on 26 June.

Hot Off the Press

Published this month...

This month is testament to the variety of titles that SilverWood publishes, with a short story collection, a children’s adventure book, a romance title, a poetry collection, and a thriller.

1 June: A cemetery is not just a place to bury bodies, it’s also a place to bury secrets. Peter Hyland’s imaginative mystery, The Secret Jug, was published on the first of the month.

12 June: Get ready to be smothered in non-stop comedy, action and adventure! This Children’s middle-grade fiction, The Adventures of Free Diving Derek, by James Elsewhere, was published.

13 June: On this day, Dennis Loynes’ second book with SilverWood and the sequel to Trials of Love, Pathway to Love was published. Find out more about the author on his website.

24 June saw the publication of Frances Thomas’ The Memory Gate. This moving collection of poems covering memories, loss, family life, history and nature was published. You can see more of her books at or at her author page.

30 June was publication day for The Death of Harry Crow by Leith C. MacArthur. Maverick investigator William Snow must work to uncover the truth behind mysterious disappearances and a deadly crash in this gripping thriller. For more, visit the author’s website, and read what reviewers are saying about the book on NetGalley: "This is a great book that has you hooked from the first page to the very last."

Coming Soon...

What’s due for publication next month? Take a look at our Coming Soon section...

“If you’re thinking of self-publishing, I hope you don't go at it alone. With a team like SilverWood behind you, you have the support you need to publish the best work you believe in.”

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