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Update on SilverWood Office

Published: 17 Mar 2020  - updated: 30 Apr 2020

These are challenging times, so it will not surprise you to know that the SilverWood team is making changes, and moving to home-working. We are fortunate that most, if not all, publishing preparation work can be done remotely. This means that the timings of your project should not be affected by the SilverWood team working from home.

We’re encouraging contact by email where possible and payments to be made via bank transfer. However, we are contactable via Skype if you need to speak with one of us. In the first instance, find our Skype account here, use the Skype ID "SilverWood Office", or search for the email address

We appreciate your patience and understanding whilst we adjust to the challenges ahead.

If you plan to use this period to think, write and publish a new book, then the SilverWood team is here to help. Contact us by email as usual. We’d be delighted to hear from you.

Take care and stay safe,

Helen and the SilverWood team

“If you’re thinking of self-publishing, I hope you don't go at it alone. With a team like SilverWood behind you, you have the support you need to publish the best work you believe in.”

J A Higgins