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October News at SilverWood

Published: 5 Nov 2020  - updated: 10 Dec 2020

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Turn Your Knowledge Into a Business-Boosting Book

Becoming an author on Amazon and with other book distributors gives you opportunities to reach their readers and create greater visibility of what you do. Here's our summary of how to get started and why a book can make such a difference to your business.

New Case Study

We’re happy to share the story of Elly Redding, award-winning romance author! Her latest novel, In Too Deep, was published by SilverWood earlier this year, and in this article Elly shares her road to success.

In Author News:

SilverWood authors have been especially proactive this month and it’s wonderful to see the results of their hard work promoting and marketing their books.

On 1 Oct it was National Poetry Day, and Jenny Martin marked the day with a special reading for Bollington Library. See it here!


M.A. Castle, author of Keeper’s, has been in the news this month. She had features in Valley Life, Wedmore News, and U3A and was delighted that Cheddar Library are buying a copy too. Excellent work!

Trish Dugmore, author of Larksong, was interviewed on Radio Devon: a great way to find new readers.

David Ebsworth’s latest in the Catherine Yale Trilogy, The Parting Glass, enjoyed this coverage in The Leader. More from David and subscribe to his newsletter here.

The Shrew with the Flu, the children’s book featuring a greedy little shrew with a special message, has been promoting far and wide! For instance, read this Q+A with the author, Will Hamilton-Davies, with Kabloom, and his coverage in Bristol 24/7. Lots more from Will on Twitter and Instagram.

Pearl Foster and her new book, Stories from the Archives, were featured in The Yate Gazette. The story tells of the Lara and Furtado families in Georgian England, a gem for family historians.

Elizabeth Hopkinson took part in a Stonewall Ace/Aro panel on 30th October. Her latest book, Asexual Myths & Tales, was published on 28 October.


True Colors in My Ordinary World, Nat Damon’s moving portrait of American family life, was reviewed in the autumn issue of Juno. Here’s a snippet: "Through this book I was able to reflect on the gifts each person has an how important the small details of family life are." Buy or subscribe to the magazine to read the full review!

Bookshop Promotion

Rob Saunders had the achievement of getting his book, Dragon River, onto the shelves of his local Waterstones. "It gives a sense of validation that is more significant than seeing it online". Getting onto bookshop shelves is a lot of hard work, so well done, Rob!

Hot Off the Press

We had a real bumper month so we want to congratulate all the following authors for publishing their books. Read more about each book by clicking on the title.

6 October: The Shrew with the Flu. Have you heard of the little shrew that got so greedy he ate an entire forest?

14 October: The Faery Tale of Aqua Marine. The third instalment in Melanie Firth’s magical Faery Tales series.

16 October: The Expecting Entrepreneur: Growing your business while growing your baby. Create your future. Live the life you want. Pregnancy is not the start of a new story, it is the start of a new chapter.

19 October: Still Crazy... A dinner party. A cabaret. The unforgotten past bursts into the present, ripping open the future.

28 October: Asexual Myths & Tales. Elizabeth Hopkinson’s second book of myths and tales brings asexuality out of the closet and gives it the history it has been denied.

28 October: Pier Head Gold. Eddie Forde’s autobiography following his life as a youngster in 1950s Liverpool.

30 October: The Jewel in the Crown. What factory life is really like!

30 October: Things That Bounded. A body in a burned-out church - the suffragettes - women’s fashion - a jumping dog - London gay lives in 1930.

30 October: Returning Home. Home is where the heart is. But if the heart begins to roam, where then is home?

Coming Soon...

A special 'coming soon’ this time: Ghost the Christmas Stag, a magical story about an ethereal encounter, is due to be published in December. The author and illustrator have released this full playlist of trailer videos to get readers excited for this festive story!

Take a look at our Coming Soon section.

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