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Published: 1 Apr 2021  - updated: 2 Jun 2021

This month in SilverWood's Writing Club

If you're struggling to plan and write your self-help or business book, or you’re not sure how to engage readers by sharing your own experiences and knowledge, this writing workshop is designed to accelerate your progress. It will take you step by step through the process to building a great read which showcases your expertise and invites readers to work with you. We will joined by publishing expert and editor Sophie Bradshaw. See more and book your ticket on Eventbrite here.

Or sign up via the SilverWood site for a discount on a three-month subscription here.

New Articles

How to Hold an Online Book Launch

The alternative to arranging your dream book launch event is to hold a virtual book launch, inviting your guests to join you online. By using Zoom or a live streaming platform, you can still celebrate your book’s publication day: the major difference is, it’s harder to organise free drinks! Some of your planning will remain the same, and we’ve listed our top recommendations in this article.

Should Your Memoir be a Novel?

When you’re writing a family memoir or an autobiographical story, it can be tempting to alter parts of the story to make it more appealing to readers. So it’s a valid question: should your memoir be written as a novel? And if you choose the latter, you can reap the benefits of fiction, because it gives you artistic licence to change whatever you want. You can read the full article here

In Author News

Heather Peck’s new novel, Secret Places, has been on tour with Random Things Tours. Here are some review snippets:

"The significant topics discussed in this book [...] were dealt with in an intelligent and empathetic manner." - SSlovesbooks 

"Secret Places is about a body in a secret place. But it is also about the secret places we keep within ourselves, those hidden areas of our psyches that either prevent us from going insane or possibly cloak the insanity that strives to escape. The book may reveal both of them, but the real joy of exploring secret places is not just the discovery but also the search. This is a book I will savor thinking about for a while." - Scintilla blog 

Hot Off the Press

26 March - One man, one dog, one coastline, no clue! Chris and Moose’s Waggy Walk: Part 1: Crisis on the Coast Path features one man and his furry companion as they walk round the coastline of Britain. Find out more on Chris' website,

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