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July News at SilverWood Books

Published: 4 Aug 2021

This month in SilverWood's Book Writing Club

Writing Strong Dialogue with Shaun McCarthy

Dialogue underpins the narrative of a book. It gives a unique voice to each character, enabling readers to get to know them in subtle ways. In this writing masterclass, scriptwriter and creative writing tutor Shaun McCarthy will explore how to write strong dialogue. SilverWood Books Publishing Director Helen Hart and host Debra Penrice will also be available on the session to answer your questions about publishing and help you overcome any challenges in your writing. Book your ticket here.

New Articles

How to Build Your Email List

Email is still one of the most popular marketing tools and it’s a great way to attract and entertain potential readers for your book. But you might be concerned that it’s a lot of work to send out a regular email newsletter to promote your book. And it’s true, it does take time and commitment to write the content, set up the visual layout and market your email sign-up page to potential readers. Read the full article here.

Natalie Trice | Author and Coach

We also published a new case study about Natalie Trice and her book PR School: Your Time to Shine. Natalie's book is a must-read for anyone developing their PR strategy, and a lot of her advice can be used for book promotion. Find out more here.

In Author News

We’re delighted that Medusa by Rosie Hewlett has been awarded the International Rubery Book Award’s Book of the Year 2021 in addition to winning the Fiction Category! Many congratulations to Rosie on this amazing achievement. Read more here.

David Ebsworth published his new novel A Betrayal of Heroes in July and as part of his promotional activities published a guest post on MK Tod's A Writer of History blog. Read it here.

Patricia Potts was featured on the Breast Cancer Now website this month. She also mentioned her book Self Portrait With Parents in the article, find out more

As part of her latest book release Glass Arrows, Heather Peck has had a successful book tour. Her work has featured on Random Things Through My Letterbox and has received an excellent review from Rutherford Reads.

Hot Off the Press

2nd July - Unstoppable. In her book, Bridie Walker will show you how to take control of your life and teach you how to create and reinvent yourself, your way! Bridie shares how she used her own pain as her power, overcame failure and tragedy to beat all the odds stacked against her.

4th July - Alright Now by Geoff Warr. It's been tough, and a long time coming, but it's 'Alright Now', and it's out, now.
As Jack sets off on the motorway, he’s travelling with decidedly mixed feelings. Yet, none of this prepares Jack for the surprise awaiting him... Get your copy today!

5th July - Another Day by Mark J. Gnann is an extended poem accompanied by beautiful illustrations.

14th July - A Betrayal of Heroes by David Ebsworth. The latest captivating historical fiction novel from David Ebsworth features action, intrigue, love and loss.

15th July - Grief Without Guilt by Rhiannon Spurgeon. Widowed with a 10-day-old baby at the age of 34, Rhiannon didn’t relate to the stereotypical definitions of widowhood. In fact, when he died, they weren’t even speaking. This is the book Rhiannon needed to remind her that she could get through it.

17th July - Seventeen by David G Bailey. Penalty shoot-outs often end in tears. In Cibola they may end in a fight to the death. He will take seventeen to the match - how many will he bring back?

27th July - Glass Arrows by Heather Peck. Prey, predator or protector - which are you? A beautiful rural world hides exploitation of labour, people and the environment. Congratulations to Heather Peck, the second book in the DCI Greg Geldard thriller series is out now!

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