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June News at SilverWood Books

Published: 30 Jun 2021

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This month in SilverWood's Book Writing Club

Writing Points of View with Tom Henry

In this month's SilverWood Book Writing Club masterclass, you'll learn how writing from different points of view can enhance your book. When writing your book, the point of view shows who is telling the story. By choosing a particular point of view, you are deciding and controlling what the reader will find out about the arena you’re introducing them to.  We have a members group to stay in touch between events and a regular members Zoom call too - all included in the price of your ticket. Get your place here to join us.

New Articles

Is Your Mindset Preventing You From Promoting Your Book?

We realise it’s hard work to write a book. So when you’ve finished it, it might feel like even more hard work to start promoting it. You’ll need to put a plan together and work through the actions. Read the article here.

Eight Benefits of Working with a Writing Mentor

You’ve reached the end of what you hope is a fairly decent first draft. You’ve read it back to yourself. You think it’s okay, but you know it could be better - especially as you want to see your words in print. Sound familiar? Maybe your next step isn’t to jump straight ahead to proofreading and publishing, but to consider working with a writing mentor. Read the article here.

In Author News

SilverWood author Francesca Catlow reached Number 1 on the Amazon Hot New Release list, and Number 16 in Greek Travel as a whole. Congratulations, Francesca! She used the PR training from our recent session to get onto local radio - and they've invited her back for her book launch! The station will also be doing a competition to give away a copy of her book The Little Blue Door. You can also hear her feature on the latest episode of the 'Living Philosphy' podcast here. A great start to her marketing. Well done, Francesca!

Kirsty Mooney on BBC Radio Scotland (Sunday 20 June 9am) Listen on BBC Scotland Sunday Morning with Cathy Macdonald, at 1:09:30, full programme can be found here.

Natalie Trice has signed a deal with Little Brown for her next book. Congratulations, Natalie! The book will be out in May 2022 and gives advice on how to relocate the successful way.

Grant Tait held an online book launch hosted by his publicist, PR Andrea Sexton. Well done, Grant. Andrea is going into our Book Promotion Toolbox along with another emcee, as it can be helpful to have a professional hosting and asking you interview questions.

Stephen Oram is included in the Best of British Science Fiction 2020 from NewCon Press: 26 stories, selected by editor Donna Scott from disparate places, that represent some of the best SF published anywhere during 2020. Read more here.

Eve Bonham worked with Elly Donovan PR to run a giveaway during June. Five lucky winners have now all been sent copies of Dear Magpies. Giveaways are a great way to encourage reviews and get engagement online.

Hot Off the Press

11th June - Who Did This? by Vix J Cooper is now available in paperback. This charming story teaches counting and is jam-packed with extra activities.

14th June - The Venetian tells the story of a worthy young man forced to face up to his own weakness when confronted with the bloody realities of war. This is a stunning historical fiction debut by author Bill Matthews.

18th June - Filled with in-depth knowledge and valuable lessons gleaned from working with managers who never make decisions, Grant Tait has written this light-hearted book, the first exclusively about these invisible toxic managers. How to Become a No-Decision Manager is out now!

22nd June - Written as a loving and supportive guide in a world where our young people are weighed down with more stress and anxiety than ever before, Kirsty Mooney believes they need all the help, love and support adults can provide as they begin their journey into the wider world. A Serving of Wisdom is available now.

23rd June - There's Butterflies in My Tummy, Mummy by Jemma Mason. This sweet story rhyme is for parents of little ones who know only too well the daily struggles of children who have anxiety and separation anxiety. if we can be mindful of the big emotions these little people are feeling we can really start to help and understand.

24th June - Annabelle Shaw's debut novel Blonde Bitch. Ivy Lowell is trouble - a mystery to all but herself. Join Ivy as she works her way through her new life at school. Expect the unexpected...

25th June - Before the Internet by Michael Fergus. Michael wrote to his father from over 90 countries. He has used some of these letters to write 129 brief 'fragments’ which describe memorable characters and striking events. The book gives a comprehensive account of what it was like to be an observant business traveller towards the end of the 20th century.

28th June - The Little Blue Door by Francesca Catlow. In the post-pandemic world Melodie feels lost and alone, desperate to find something to remind her of her previous life. She sets out on a trip to Corfu to reconnect with happier times, only to be haunted by memories and events from the past.

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