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Published: 11 May 2021  - updated: 25 Jun 2021

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Have you thought about writing your memoirs? But you’re not sure where to start? This month’s theme for SilverWood Book Writing Club is 'How to write your memoir with impact’. We’ll talk about picking stories, themes to engage readers, handling a timeline, making it a gripping read as well as a cathartic journey through your past.

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New Articles

How Writers Can Overcome Imposter Syndrome

Seventy percent of individuals will suffer from imposter syndrome at some point. They’ll doubt their own skills and accomplishments, and fear being exposed as a fraud. So when it came up as one of our masterclass topics for SilverWood Book Writing Club, we decided to explore all the ways to overcome imposter syndrome. We talked to Lauren Malone, business coach and mindset expert to discuss some of the challenges and ways forward.

Why Writing a Book is the Greatest Gift to Yourself

There are many reasons to write a book. But had you considered that writing your book is the greatest gift you can give yourself? In this article, we look at the reasons to write a book, how writing changes your focus, why many authors undergo a kind of transformation, and how the world of book promotion leads to even more opportunities for the author.

Blogging to Promote Your Book

What is a blog? Put simply, it’s a series of articles designed to start conversations with people who have similar interests to you or the themes in your book. You can share information, promote events, develop your opinions and report back on your work in progress or research. Blogs can take several formats and they can even be recorded as videos - or vlogs - for YouTube. Read the full article here.

In Author News

Following the publication of her book Lies and the Brontės - The Quest for the Jenkins Family, Monica Kendall featured in several media articles this month, including Cambrian News, the Squeaker newspaper, and the Edinburgh News here.

It’s great to see the book has had such positive feedback already, congratulations Monica!

Hot Off the Press

6th April - Patricia Tyerman published her autobiographical Self-Portrait with Parents. Breast cancer shocked her into asking how she would cope. What resources of body and mind had she inherited from her parents? Here is a new kind of autobiography, combining original research with a personal understanding of the author's upbringing and its consequences.

15th April - "Prediction is very difficult - especially about the future". The Vanishing Point by Chris Budd provides a solution to the predicted extinction of humanity; a wry comedy with an edge of political satire.

21st April - Published on Charlotte Brontė's 205th birthday, Monica Kendall's new book gives radical insights on Charlotte Brontė’s vital two years in Brussels (1842-3). Discover the truth. Lies and the Brontės - The Quest for the Jenkins Family, is out now.

22nd April - Our Amazing English Heritage, this stunning poetry collection celebrates the unique character of English heritage. Inspired by nature, legend and history, Tony Leonard takes the reader on a whistle-stop tour of English culture. Witness the changing cultural landscape of Britain as old traditions endure and new idols are revered.

28th April - What terrible revenge does the unloved wife have planned? Find out in The Unloved Wife by Prue Phillipson, the much anticipated sequel to The Unloved Child.

30th April - Medusa by Rosie Hewlett breathes new life into an ancient story. You know her name, you know her story. Just not the right one. The book echoes the battle that women throughout millennia have continued to wage - the opportunity to simply be heard.

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