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January News at SilverWood Books

Published: 21 Feb 2022  - updated: 2 Mar 2022

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Are You Writing a Book?

Have you started writing a book? Maybe you’ve thought about writing a book as one of your New Year’s resolutions? Or you’ve decided that being a published author would be a good goal to achieve? We explore some tips and experiences from our authors in this article.

In Author News

Congratulations to Nick Thomas, whose book Cull 2031 has been named by as one of the top 10 notable books on conservation and the environment published in 2021.

Veronica del Valle's short story Q-t-π was published in Clementine Unbound , an online literary journal in the US.

Hot Off the Press

25th Jan - Kate Monkman - Maple and the Crystal Cavern. Join Maple and the Faekies in the town of 'Llandfill' in a charming story that contains an environmentally conscious touch.

28th Jan - Sarah Orchard - Fruit Bowl Friends. This book fills young readers with a taste for food awareness, encouraging them to question where their food comes from and how they like to eat it.

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