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Important News for POD Authors

Published: 22 Jun 2022  - updated: 28 Jun 2022

Ingram Books have scheduled a new change to their Print On Demand (POD)
book printing prices.

New prices will come into effect during July 2022.

Ingram have explained that ongoing print price changes are a direct result of the global situation: there are increases in paper, manufacturing and transportation costs within the print industry as a whole.

In addition, Ingram have also increased the minimum trade discount by 5%.

The increase in trade discount means RRPs for some print books will have to rise. As much as we understand you will not wish to see your book price increased, it is unavoidable.

We are very sorry that this situation has come about, and hope you will understand it is likely to be a result of the current volatility of the economy, which will have had an impact on Ingram's decision. We trust that SilverWood authors will recognise this situation is not of our making, and that we try to absorb small price increases where we can.

We are aware of what a disappointment this news will be to authors, following so closely on the previous Ingram price rise in March. We genuinely share the frustration it will cause.

How will print prices be affected?
Books are priced by the amount of paper they use, so these changes affect POD books on an individual basis according to page count, the size of the book, the paper type, and whether the interior is black and white, standard colour, or premium colour. The increase is more significant for premium colour books and hardbacks compared to other types.

How will this affect you?
When you place book orders for delivery, you will see that your book printing price has changed. Your royalties will also change slightly depending on your print price and the trade discount being offered to wholesalers and retailers. SilverWood will assess each book individually and make the required change to RRPs to help ensure the royalty you receive remains roughly similar to that which you have been used to, or does not result in a negative royalty figure. (Please be aware: a rise in RRP will not affect all authors.)

Do you need to do anything?
No, there is nothing you need to do. SilverWood will manage these changes. You will continue to receive the same type of royalty paperwork.

Is there an alternative?
If your RRP is affected, you, as the author, could take over your own POD distribution. More information on this option is available on request.

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