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Trade Discount Announcement by Ingram

Published: 31 Aug 2023  - updated: 29 Apr 2024

Ingram Books have scheduled another change to their Print On Demand (POD) book printing services. Initially, this affected the trade discount offered to the US marketplace but then was updated for other geographical territories.

Ingram says: "Certain booksellers and online retailers that purchase content through our wholesale distribution network now require that books purchased within the United States have a 40% minimum wholesale discount."

This additional 10% comes on top of the overall increase of 5% in trade discount levied by Ingram in July 2022. Unfortunately, this change is compulsory and it will inevitably affect royalties that authors receive in future for books sold in the US. SilverWood will assess the impact, review royalties, and make upward adjustments to US RRPs where necessary. As much as we understand you will not wish to see your book price increased for the US marketplace, it may be unavoidable to prevent negative royalties in that territory.

This change will come into effect during October 2023. SilverWood will manage the process and authors do not need to take any action, unless you wish to remove your books from the US marketplace, or you wish to change to Amazon-only distribution and remove your books from the Ingram POD system entirely. (If so, please email with this instruction.)

We trust that authors will recognise this situation is not of SilverWood's making. We genuinely share the annoyance, and apologise for the inconvenience.

Ingram have now updated their communications to include other geographical territories. The UK, EU and Australia will, from October 2023, have a minimum trade discount of 35%. This increase of a further 5% on existing trade discounts will obviously mean a wholesale review of all RRPs and royalties in the coming weeks. Ingram have said that non-compliant books will be removed from sale, therefore SilverWood has no choice but to comply.

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