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Spring News Roundup

Published: 29 Apr 2024

Author News Roundup

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Why You Need a Plan to Market Your Book: we look at the 7 reasons why putting together a marketing plan will help make your life as an author a lot easier!

Read the full article here.


Author Stephen Powell gave a talk about his book Walking Europe's Edge and his amazing walking journey. The event was held in Lagos, Portugal. Around 55 people attended, and Stephen was delighted to sell 33 books.

Stephen says: "Getting bums on seats can be a challenge for authors, but with the right team and the right circumstances sometimes an auditorium magically fills to the brim. About 55 people turned up at an Algarve hotel on a Monday morning to hear me give a presentation on an amble through Portugal that provided the material for Walking Europe’s Edge. Two expatriate women, fellow author Lena Strang, originally from Finland, and Terri Eley, who moved from Seattle to the Algarve, spontaneously offered to organise the event - to choose the venue and do the marketing. A dream scenario! Lena, a former world judo champion with redoubtable energy, tapped into her networks of Scandinavian incomers. Terri, a warm personality and natural saleswoman, talked to fellow Americans who like her had left their native land and arrived in Portugal. Her advice ahead of the presentation was 'Let’s go big' and she chose as venue the Carvi Beach Hotel in Lagos, right by the sea in the western Algarve."

Stephen gives a bit more background: "Foreigners keep coming to settle in Portugal and there is a hunger for accessible English-language books that tell immigrants, often retirees, about their new country. Happily for me, travel books on Portugal are something of a rarity, perhaps partly because Portuguese is not spoken by many English-language writers. I first met Lena because she bought a copy of my Portugal book from a restaurant where I had given a modestly attended presentation and left a few copies for sale. She enjoyed the book and came to my home to meet me. So perhaps the moral is 'Just get out there and don’t be disheartened by a modest turnout at one event. Remember that one thing leads to another’ . "

Author success stories

Glynn Holloway's In the Shadows of Castles is one of the Top 10 Self-Published Books of 2023. Read the review here.

Hot off the Press

Congratulations to all the SilverWood authors who have published amazing books since our last news roundup:

V.S. Minou with the third of her wonderful Thomas Angel novels, Thomas Angel and the Trinity of Light.

Sarah LeFanu shared her biographer's journals with Talking to the Dead, kept while researching and writing 'Something of Themselves: Kipling, Kingsley, Conan Doyle and the Anglo-Boer War' (Hurst & Co, 2020).

Steve Judd's  The Lore of Pluto (Reshaping the Void), offers a more complete, contemporary, and thorough understanding of this most mysterious of astrological influences.

Historical novelist Hugo Woolley returned with Charlotte's War, the second book in the Charlotte's War trilogy, set in Paris during the turmoil of WWII.

A third poetry collection came from the talented pen of Vincent Rymer, Sadhu Volume Three (Symphony and Synchrony of Sound, Silence and Stillness).

Children's author Angela Iremonger brought out the latest in her Charlie Piper series, Charlie and the Cry For Help, beautifully illustrated by Carolyn Taylor.

Exploring grief, Partial Remission is a new poetry collection by the author of The Memory Gate and The Girls of Troy quartet, Frances Thomas.

Historical novelist David Ebsworth returns with an exciting Wrexham Victorian Mystery, Blood Among the Threads.

There was a delightful return to Sophia Cobbs' Wondrous World of Witchcraft in Double Trouble.

DI Jeff Lincoln was back with the Book 5 of Nikki Copleston's gripping series, A Strange and Murderous Air.

Mark Dando and Alison Rogers explore how to use goals on yourself and others to motivate and achieve more with their new business title What Do You Want?

Neil Cooper inspires us to get in the gym and enjoy getting fit with Be Stronger Than Your Excuses (From Broken Back to Spartan Beast).

Richard Leigh Harris published two thought-provoking novellas in one volume, drawing inspiration from the complex events of the 20th century and the first decades of the 21st in The Scale of Midnight & Ellipsis.

...and pre-press author Laura Timberley with her gorgeous Hesper the Hare project.

Congratulations, one and all!

Hot off the Press

This summer new titles are forthcoming from a host of SilverWood authors, including Gordon R Clarke, Richard Skinner, David Ebsworth, Hugo Woolley, Peter Morse, David G Bailey, James Silverthorne, and the late Elisabeth Standen.

Plus, our pre-press services are proudly supporting children’s author Fiona Lowry, true crime writer Alex Hobden and poet Salsarah.

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