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R.N.F. Skinner introduces his latest book

Published: 12 Jun 2024  - updated: 14 Jun 2024

SilverWood author R.N.F. Skinner tells us about his latest publication, the novella These Years: 1973

I am extremely pleased, and equally relieved, to be able to announce the publication of my new book, These Years: 1973. A novella of 21,000 words (88 pages), it’s the first of a sequence of three, to be followed by These Years: 1986 and These Years: 1991. Taken together, the three will constitute simply These Years, the titular sequel to the novel Still Crazy...(SilverWood 2020) and short story collection After All... (SilverWood 2022).

The central character, Ruth, is a sparky and artistic American living in Massachusetts. In 1973, when she is 12, she develops a crush on Greg, a relative visiting from England who is already a professional artist. Being an aspiring artist herself she dreams he will be so impressed by her talent that he will fall in love with her. School friends tease her, but her family, apart from a sympathetic aunt, are oblivious to the joy and anguish of young love. These few momentous days in Ruth’s life rush to a denouement in the last hours of Greg’s visit.

These Years: 1986, set in Devon, England, where Greg lives, and 1991, back in Boston where Ruth works in an art gallery, will continue her story and the effect of the schoolgirl crush on her later life.

Professor Harry Procter, a Consultant Clinical Psychologist with many years’ experience of working in the field of 'Child & Adolescent Mental Health’, considers These Years: 1973 to be 'a remarkable, marvellous and magnificent piece of writing... The moving story of a young girl’s first love paints a vivid picture of her feelings at the stage of early... The emotional highs and lows of the encounter are treated with touching poignancy and gentle humour...

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