One Life, Two Worlds

One Life, Two Worlds

Philip Nourse


From Windsor Castle to Hong Kong. An exotic and colourful life journey.

  • ISBN 9781800420878
  • Published Aug 2021
  • Paperback
    216 x 138mm (274 pages)


Born in Somerset, Philip Nourse moved at the age of seven to Windsor Castle. Here he enjoyed the privileges of singing in the choir of St George’s Chapel, a Royal Peculiar, mixing with royalty and attending grand parties. His ten years living in the castle, especially during the golden era of the 1960s, and meeting an exceptional mix of people would change his life.

Educated at public school and then university, he qualified as a chartered surveyor, working for major companies in London before heading East to find a new life in Hong Kong. In this dynamic city, he found excitement and a lifestyle that was beyond his wildest dreams. After thirty years in the property business, he embarked upon a new life in the world of publishing and photography.

In Hong Kong, he married his second wife, Diane, with whom he travelled extensively throughout Asia-Pacific and beyond, experiencing the exotic cultures of the East and visiting many fascinating locations. During his time in Hong Kong, he also witnessed significant events that would shape the city forever.

This well-illustrated memoir recounts the richness of a privileged upbringing, the fairytale excitement of Windsor Castle, and the ups and downs of his personal and professional life, while offering glimpses of a colourful life in Hong Kong. The story also explores the author’s emotions, reflections and self-doubts.

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