3d book cover for the price of silence by Nikki Copleston

The Price of Silence

DI Jeff Lincoln Book 1

Nikki Copleston

Book 1 in the DI Jeff Lincoln series.

  • ISBN 9781781329382
  • Published Nov 2019
  • 229 x 152mm (348 pages)


When popular businesswoman Holly Macleod is found strangled in public toilets on the outskirts of Barbury, DI Jeff Lincoln assumes she's fallen victim to a violent Peeping Tom. But as he sifts through the details of her life, he uncovers one mystery after another. A car abandoned at the crime scene belongs to Leo Goldsmith, a family man from London with no apparent connection to Holly or to Barbury – and now he's disappeared.

Lincoln and his team must find out who Holly really was and why she came to this Wiltshire market town to reinvent herself. Was Leo Goldsmith an innocent witness to her murder – or her killer? Lincoln soon starts to suspect that the attack on Holly that dark October night was anything but random – but who would want her dead?

The Price of Silence is the prequel to A Saintly Grave Disturbed and The Shame of Innocence.

The Price of Silence is also available on Kindle

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