The Princess and the Fowl One

The Princess and the Fowl One

Ian Preston


A magical novel for children set in the land of Imago.

2 edition

  • ISBN 9781781329894
  • Published May 2016
  • Paperback
    203 x 133mm (216 pages)


Join Relly and Ogi Ogi on a wonderful adventure to free their friend Glump from the Princess’s dungeons…

Relly and Ogi Ogi are imaginary friends. They live in a world called Imago, which is where your imaginary friends live when you’re not playing with them. After breaking into the castle in disguise, Relly and Ogi Ogi are horrified to see how mean and cruel the Princess really is.

To rescue Glump, Relly and Ogi Ogi are going to need the help of their children, Abby and Jane, but the girls have their own problems. Their terrible teacher ‘The Fowl One’ is incredibly cruel and has piercing eyes that can freeze you to the spot!

Can Relly and Ogi Ogi get to Abby and Jane in time to save Glump?

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