A Tale of Two Worlds

Rob Collinge


Follow a family back through the centuries to the early German American settlers.

  • ISBN 9781781320969
  • Published Mar 2013
  • Paperback
    216 x 140mm (254 pages)


From his home in Australia, Rob Collinge spent four years using genealogical tools to research the mysterious background of his long-deceased father, an English immigrant who had brought his family to Australia when Rob was a child.

Robís grandmother, the former Ella Theodora Koerner, proved to have been a descendant of early German pioneers in Texas whose history included ancestors with anti-slavery views fleeing to Mexico during the Civil War. Robís grandfather, Wharton Rye Collinge, was born to a family of wealthy Lancashire cotton mill owners in the time of the Industrial Revolution. Rob uncovered the circumstances of his grandparentsí meeting and marriage in Texas and followed their lives through to Whartonís death in World War I.

Further investigation unearthed British and American families abandoned by Robís father before marriage to Robís mother and subsequent emigration to Australia. Unknown to her, Robís mother proved to have been married bigamously for forty years to a man with three families on three continents.

Genealogy, the search for oneís ancestors, has become in recent years a hugely popular pastime, enjoyed by millions. Rob Collinge has used a range of available investigative tools to construct a story that spans 1830s Germany, pioneer Texas, the Civil War, Lancashire cotton mills and World War I, as well as a father with dark secrets, giving voice to the old cliché that "truth is stranger than fiction.Ē

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