Twin Stars and a Mother from Mars

Twin Stars and a Mother from Mars

Heartache and joy in an IVF world

Tru Spencer


The real X factor – a compelling and down to earth account of IVF.

  • ISBN 9781781321263
  • Published Oct 2013
  • Paperback
    203 x 127mm (282 pages)


In the beginning, there were two.
Somewhere in the middle, she felt like she was the only one on the planet.
In the end, was her heart complete?

Once you’re on, it’s difficult to get off, and when Tru Spencer found herself on the IVF merry-go-round it seemed as though life had temporarily come to a grinding halt. The conflict between lonely isolation and excited hope was exhausting, and the up and down range of emotions she was willing to endure astonished even her.

When her wildest dream was confirmed she thought she could relax, but the nature of that dream meant the battle was only half-won. Her reserves of strength were needed right until the end…would her twin stars finally shine?

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