Discovering the Diamond

Discovering the Diamond

Helen Hollick (with Jo Field)

A guide to writing and getting published from a best-selling author and her editor.

  • ISBN 9781781321287
  • Published Aug 2013
  • 203 x 133mm (90 pages)


EBook Only

Everyone can write a book. Not everyone can write a readable book. Writing is the easy bit. Most of the work is in the planning (the thinking), in the structure (the plot), and in turning the first draft into an enjoyable, top quality novel.

With the rise in popularity of self-publishing, more ‘indie’ books are appearing on Internet bookstores, but how you go about publishing your novel is largely a question of what you hope to achieve and how much, both in terms of time and money, you are prepared to invest.

Asked repeatedly for advice and tips by aspiring authors about the ins and outs of writing and publishing an indie novel, bestselling author, Helen Hollick, and her UK editor, Jo Field, decided to compile a small book in response. The initial few A4 pages soon expanded into an e-book, which by popular demand has now been published in paperback.

The quality of indie and self-published books can be every bit as good in style and production as any mainstream publication. Discovering the Diamond is intended to assist and inspire enthusiastic writers to create a novel of which they can be proud and to achieve their goal of turning a dream into a glittering reality.

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