Until Daylight Breaks

Until Daylight Breaks

Roger Conway-Hyde


The first of an exciting new military fiction series.

  • ISBN 9781781321416
  • Published Nov 2013
  • Paperback
    229 x 152mm (354 pages)


In 2017, the Atlantic Ocean harbours a threat to the hegemony that ‘The West’ has so long revelled in. The British Royal Naval and Military Intelligence and its American equivalent must trust in their venerable alliance: to identify and eliminate the unknown threat. Under pressure from the ever-demanding ‘first…fast…now’ media and unanswered loss of civilian life General John B. Kemp, a well entrusted veteran of the American space programme, looks to his counterpart Admiral Raymond J. Marchant for answers.

Russian Lt. Commander Ivargo Ivanov meanwhile is tormented after letting the women he loves leave. The last information he had regarding her location predicted Armenia, which recently having been devastated by an earthquake leaves him distracted. Despite his heartache he must focus on a top-secret mission and travel under the instructions of the Kremlin. Old war wounds open and alliances are tested under the intense scrutiny; portending a hierarchal shift that could plunge the world into everything the Cold War threatened to be and present world threatened terrorist insurgency upsurge is increasing daily.

Jordan J. Key

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J A Higgins