Gang Petition

Gang Petition

Book Five of the Gang series

Peter St John


The fifth instalment in the 'Gang' series, set in the war-torn world of the 1940s.

  • ISBN 9781781321553
  • Published Nov 2013
  • Paperback
    203 x 133mm (276 pages)


The Women's Land Army takes over the Widdlington allotments for a training school, but why should this stir up trouble in the village, especially for the kids?
How did the diocesan Bishop get involved, and even Prime Minister Winston Churchill?
Who committed the midnight act of wartime sabotage?
Why is Peter confronted with ghastly terror in an unlit midnight church, and why must Dummy be shut so often in the village lock-up?
All turns on a secret visit to bomb-menaced London; and the vicar gets his come-uppance.

"Cripes, it were a real ol' barney…!" as Jenno would say.

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