The Blue Effect

The Blue Effect

Harvey Black


Harvey Black's wartime novels continue in the third book of a thrilling Cold War series.

  • ISBN 9781781322215
  • Published Apr 2014
  • Paperback
    216 x 140mm (300 pages)


Number 1 Bestseller in Amazon War Fiction

The Soviet Union and the Warsaw Pact’s pre-emptive strike against the West, supported by the use of chemical weapons, has left NATO forces stunned. Although reinforcements continue to arrive in theatre from all the NATO member countries, the Allies are pushed back relentlessly. The Eastern Bloc armies throw fresh regiments into the fray, their intention to deliver the killing lunge deep into the West’s retreating armies.

What are the options open to NATO? Can the West stem the disorderly retreat? Can they gather enough conventional forces to hold? Or will they need to resort to more deadly means?

Follow the series of gripping events in ‘The Blue Effect’, the third instalment in Harvey Black’s Cold War trilogy.

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