A Town Within the Great Windsor Forest

Terry John Clark


A brief history of this much loved town situated within the Great Windsor Forest.

  • ISBN 9781781322543
  • Published Oct 2014
  • Paperback 84 pages


Born at 1 Fairview Cottages, Terry John Clark grew up in the home where his family had resided since 1908. It was his happy upbringing in this town, which holds so many fond memories, that prompted him to research and write this history of Bracknell, a town within the Great Windsor Forest.

Spanning Bracknell’s growth from a population of just a few hundred in the Middle Ages, Terry’s research documents Royal visits to Easthampstead Park, local heroes who gave their lives during the First or Second World Wars, and the
development of the modern town.

From pre-Roman settlement to the present day, Bracknell is a small town with a rich history...

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