The Apostate

The Apostate

Petros Makris


An imaginative and inspiring thriller that addresses contemporary issues.

  • ISBN 9781781322857
  • Published Nov 2014
  • Paperback
    229 x 152mm (312 pages)


When the Everests, a wealthy American couple, decide to have their children conceived and raised to a specified age at Parenting4U in Manila, a terrifying chain of events occurs that will haunt them forever.

Twenty-seven years later a young, handsome, blue-eyed Afghan man named Sami is in New York on important business. Suddenly he is diverted by his business partner to Geneva, because something momentous has been discovered. Sami finds the revelations earth-shattering. But more importantly, his life is now in grave danger as his old foes resurface and are determined to finish the job they began years ago.

It is also curious that a beautiful, married Arab princess, with whom Sami once had a passionate romance, is in New York, looking for him…with a gun in her handbag.

In this imaginative thriller, greed, religion, and sex are all interwoven with murder and retribution.

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J A Higgins