The Trouble with Sophie Gresham

The Trouble with Sophie Gresham

Love in the Genetic Revolution

Enver Carim


A story of conflicted love against the background of major advances in molecular medicine.

  • ISBN 9781781322901
  • Published Nov 2014
  • Paperback
    203 x 127mm (366 pages)


Women freed from the deadly curse of breast cancer. Babies born without Down’s syndrome, without muscular dystrophy or cystic fibrosis. Why are such medical projects considered to be 'reaching too high, trying to play God'?

The Trouble with Sophie Gresham is the story of a scientist passionately in love with a linguist against the background of major advances in molecular medicine and the imminent arrival in our midst of genetically modified people. Based on the latest chromosome research at institutes around the world but written entirely in lucid prose, this earthy novel driven by character and dialogue is unusual in showing the emotional life of a researcher on the brink of slowing down the ageing process and scotching inherited diseases at source. Its themes of erotic love, fear of the promise of biotechnology, and three kinds of jealousy is a volatile mix that builds to an explosive climax.

What is wrong with stopping the endless saga of human pain and suffering perpetuated by the faulty genes inherited from our forebears? Will genetic engineering undermine religious belief?

Addressing all the ethical/moral issues, this multi-layered, nuanced book is a fizzy, far-reaching 21st-century entertainment for thinking people everywhere.

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