Why Didn't They Listen?

Why Didn't They Listen?

The nightmare of a missed dementia diagnosis

Renata Payne


A real-life case concerning a late diagnosis of dementia and its far-reaching consequences.

  • ISBN 9781781323281
  • Published Feb 2015
  • Paperback
    203 x 133mm (252 pages)


Medical accidents can befall anyone. Follow the late diagnosis of dementia and its tragic consequences for businessman Carl and his family.

Carl’s dementia began at fifty-three, causing the collapse of his business. However, for three years his GP had been treating him for depression, supposedly caused by business difficulties. When another GP made the correct diagnosis after seeing him for the first time, Carl’s wife was left wondering what had gone wrong. Not wanting this to happen to anyone else, she spoke up. Like most clinical complainants, she got nowhere; some are even labelled the wrongdoer, in a glaring denial of truth and justice.

Retired NHS specialist in laboratory medicine Renata Payne uses her unique understanding of this case and her professional expertise to analyse the role of human factors in medical mishaps. Like late diagnosis of dementia, the consequences for the victim can be tragically out of proportion to the original simple error. Such difficulties have led to concerted efforts by charities and support agencies to achieve fairer outcomes for all involved when mishaps occur, as sadly they always will. Neither medical science nor its practitioners are infallible.

This book shows you the steps you can take right from the start to obtain the professional help that feels best for you, and peace of mind even when the final outcome is not what you’d hoped for.

Paperback proceeds are being donated to Lyrics and Lunch, a singing and lunch group for those living with dementia.

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