Look the Other Way

Look the Other Way

Colin Port and Moira Hamlin


A fictional miscarriage of justice, surrounded by issues of culture, political interference, and leadership, set in South Africa.

  • ISBN 9781781323489
  • Published Jan 2015
  • Paperback
    229 x 152mm (282 pages)


This is the first novel by a former Chief Constable and a Clinical Psychologist, a fast paced crime thriller set in South Africa, Devon and London.

For twenty years, few cared that Kem Siblisi had been incarcerated in a notorious South African prison for murder, other than the father of the victim. He never believed Kem was guilty and asks his detective friend, Joel Grant, to find the truth. Whilst on sick leave Joel travels to South Africa, where he teams up with Kem’s lawyers in a search for new evidence.

Joel’s complex personal life becomes even more chaotic, but he is still driven to discover whether Kem is a victim of Apartheid injustice – or does his survival amongst the ‘numbers’ gangs of Pollsmoor Prison offer other explanations.

Back in the UK, Joel’s partner’s shop in Devon is set on fire. Joel suspects he is under surveillance as conspiracies and corruption at the highest levels of British Government are exposed by the police, with astonishingly dramatic consequences.

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