The Record Prophets

The Record Prophets

Matthew Seery

Discover Malcolm Spier's new and controversial way to sell thousands of records in this gripping story.

  • ISBN 9781781323656
  • Published Apr 2015
  • 203 x 127mm (186 pages)


The icons of Rock ’n’ Roll and R&B are quickly dying – but not fast enough for record executive, Malcolm Spier. Unable to tap the vein of modern audiences, Spier Records and Entertainment turns to the ever-reliable nostalgia machine and recruits desperate artists who are looking for one final moment of glory. Malcolm, along with his lawyer, Charlie Orin, and their protégé, Makayla Rogers, soon realise that the only thing more profitable than producing a living legend is reissuing the songs of a dead one. Nothing sells like memories, and Spier Records quickly discovers that nature isn’t always the most efficient executioner…

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