Miss Cavell Was Shot

The Diaries of Amy Hodson, 1914–1920

Monica Kendall


The Diaries of Amy Hodson, 1914–1920

  • ISBN 9781781323670
  • Published May 2015
  • Paperback
    216 x 140mm (354 pages)


In August 1914, thirteen-year-old Amy was trapped on the Belgian seacoast as war was declared with Germany, alone with her younger brothers. British, resilient and feisty, she got back to occupied Brussels and began her war diaries.

Amy knew Nurse Cavell and Ada Bodart, members of the secret network to get Allied soldiers across the frontier. She writes of zeppelins, food shortages, constant gunfire and spies. She confronts a ‘sneering’ German who demands to know where her brother is: ‘I could have shot him,’ she comments. Then it all changes: in 1917 her mother attacks her and Amy is moved to a Catholic boarding school nearby.

Constantly in trouble for being disruptive, answering back, whistling, laughing in church and climbing onto roofs ‘for fun’, she longs for the love and approval of her teacher – and her estranged mother.

“The personal service I received was superior. No query or problem was left unanswered or unattended.”

Nicholas King