Ships in the Night

Charmian Stewart


A story of crime and treachery set in Norway.

  • ISBN 9781781324714
  • Published Nov 2015
  • Paperback
    203 x 133mm (288 pages)


Journalist Silver Fairfax is plunged into a maelstrom of crime and treachery when she travels to Bergen to interview an enigmatic Norwegian shipowner, Alexander Rosenholm. She discovers that the Rosenholm family is being torn apart by obsession and jealousy. The last thing Alexander needs is to get romantically involved with Silver, despite his unwilling attraction to her. His father was murdered three months ago and he must keep the family business running.

Against her better judgement, Silver is strongly attracted to Alexander and is afraid of becoming more emotionally involved with him than is professional. She agrees to go with Alexander to the island of the sinister stave church where his father was murdered. Together they hope to find clues that might help to clear up his father’s death. But what they uncover about his family shocks Alexander and makes him question what sort of future he could offer Silver…

“The personal service I received was superior. No query or problem was left unanswered or unattended.”

Nicholas King