Dancing With Shadows [Hardback Edition]

Adrian Churchward


Book 2 of the Puppet Meisters Trilogy.

Hardback edition

  • ISBN 9781781324783
  • Published Aug 2017
  • Hardback
    216 x 140mm (330 pages)
  • Also available as:
    Paperback £11.99


Human rights lawyer of the year Scott Mitchell is publicly arrested on suspicion of laundering $250 million for the Chechen mafia. The social media trolls come out in force to vilify him and he’s immediately sacked from his six-figure job at a prestigious London law firm. With the threat of a criminal trial, no employment prospects, no income, and dwindling savings, Scott sets out to prove his innocence.

As he embarks on a journey taking him to Malta, Hungary and Russia, he becomes a pawn in a power play being fought out in the shadows between UK and Russian intelligence agencies. Scott must choose between his unswerving belief in the supremacy of the rule of law and pragmatism…

Dancing With Shadows is the second book in The Puppet Meisters trilogy, dealing with state abuse of power.
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