Echoes of Justice

Echoes of Justice

JJ Franklin


A gripping crime thriller set in the west Midlands, featuring DI Matt Turrell.

  • ISBN 9781781324820
  • Published Jan 2016
  • Paperback
    229 x 152mm (288 pages)


When Kathy Wylde sets out to take revenge on the youths who kicked her son, Jack, to death, she finds herself on the wrong side of a vicious and dangerous criminal.

As Detective Inspector Matt Turrell investigates the first death, another gang member is brutally murdered. DI Turrell and his team must move fast to protect the rest of the gang and anyone connected to Jack’s murder – including Kathy. Unaware that she is now hunted and in grave danger, Kathy selects Harry as her next victim but soon finds herself growing fond of the young man. With the killer drawing close, will the unlikely pair be able to work together in an attempt to survive?

With Kathy and Harry in mortal danger, DI Turrell races to stop the killer before he can strike again. Will he have to sacrifice himself to save them?

Echoes of Justice is the second novel in the series featuring DI Matt Turrell of the Warwickshire Police.

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