Gang America

US Flying Fortresses unfair to UK kids?

Peter St John


US Flying Fortresses unfair to UK kids? The seventh book in the Gang series.

  • ISBN 9781781325414
  • Published Aug 2016
  • Paperback
    203 x 133mm (234 pages)


It is the summer of 1942. The mighty United States Army Air Force enters into the battle of the Second World War in Europe.

The coming of the Americans to war-torn Britain is welcomed by most of the inhabitants, but for the children of the village of Widdlington it is a catastrophe. A new airbase for B17 Flying Fortress bombers deprives them of crucially important territory.

The children accordingly gang together in a series of raids and skirmishes against the Americans in an attempt to regain their rights.

“The personal service I received was superior. No query or problem was left unanswered or unattended.”

Nicholas King