Trial of the Majickal Elders (The) [Hardback Edition]

Matlock the Hare Book 3

Phil and Jacqui Lovesey

The final part of the Most Majecilus trilogy reaches its whammet-dudging finale in a majickal tale that will have you chickling, eyesplashing and dudging your whammies one last time…

  • ISBN 9781781325575
  • Published Oct 2016
  • 216 x 140mm (612 pages)
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Matlock the Hare, you stand accused of the most glubbstooled of all crimes. None of your majick will help you now…

One even’up, Matlock finds himself suddenly called to The Ganticus Ethereal Realm to stand trial in front of the imperious blue-robed Majickal Elders for crimes he didn’t commit. Worse, he only has Ledel Gulbrandsen, the laziest and vainest of all white wizard hares, to defend him.

Can Ledel resist being endlessly admired in his saztaculous court-robes to help Matlock save the dales? Or will he need the clottabussed help of his friends to make everything crumlush again?

With more witches, more showstoppers, pies and cracksploding vrooshers – the final part of the Most Majelicus trilogy reaches its whammet-dudging conclusion in a tale that will have you chickling, eyesplashing and dudging your whammets one final, saztaculous time…

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