Mezzaluna Smile

A Slice of Life and a Piece of Cake

Mara Lembo


A memoir centred around the author's search for fulfilment and her love of Italian food.

  • ISBN 9781781326541
  • Published Oct 2017
  • Paperback
    203 x 127mm (132 pages)


What is the recipe for happiness? Maybe we all have our own secret ingredient… This is what Mara Lembo sets out to explore as we travel along her path of personal growth, retracing her steps through her life in Italy and her passion for food.

Mezzaluna Smile is a bittersweet memoir, mirroring the half-moon of the title as she waits to grow into her full splendour. The author’s personal quest is one we all share as we strive to reach our own centres of balance. It’s an invitation to celebrate change, to experiment, to smile, and to enjoy life.

Blending memories and sparks of humour, Mara Lembo takes the reader on a carefree and lighthearted journey through the stories, recipes, and images that left their marks on the many chapters of her life.

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