Upon a Tzorkly Moon

The Art of Winchett Dale

Jacqui Lovesey


A crumlush picture book to accompany the Matlock the Hare series.

  • ISBN 9781781326862
  • Published Jun 2017
  • hardback
    216 x 216mm (144 pages)


Join Jacqui Lovesey, artist and co-creator of the Matlock the Hare trilogy, on an unforgettable journey deep into Winchett Dale. This wondrous series of exquisite illustrations brings the true flavour of Matlock’s enchanting homeland to ‘majickal’ life.

Using her influences and insights into her working life, alongside some of her favourite illustrations from the trilogy, Jacqui offers a tantalising glimpse into an immersive fantasy world of ‘tzorkly’ witches, ‘clottabussed’ creatures and ‘crumlush’ places that linger long in the imagination.

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