Money Mystery: Booms and Busts

Money Mystery: Booms and Busts

A G Glaze


The third and final instalment in the Professor Golden Coin series.

  • ISBN 9781781327227
  • Published Nov 2017
  • Paperback
    216 x 216mm (42 pages)


If creating money is so easy, why can’t we justkeep doing it? What’s wrong with that?

So far, Professor Golden Coin has discovered a lot about the mysterious world of money. He knows who the Monster is and where he lives, and who his allies are. He also knows that the Monster loves creating money and lending it out. But there is one last thing he needs to find out – is the Monster’s money good or bad for us?

Join Professor Golden Coin in his last adventure through the land of North America. This time he will have to disguise himself – otherwise his life might be at stake!

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