Old Boys Young Lives

Graham Jones


Celebrating the adventurous Old Boys of Bridgnorth Grammar School and the heroic sacrifices they made during the Great War.

  • ISBN 9781781327272
  • Published Jun 2018
  • Paperback
    234 x 156mm (396 pages)


Established in 1503, the Grammar School in Bridgnorth has a long history. For four centuries the sons of merchants and farmers benefitted from the education the school provided. During Victorian times when commerce and industry were expanding the school had to change with the times. Latin and Greek were of questionable value in the real world.

The fortunes of the school were restored by the Reverend Henry Dawes, a clergyman, and also a gifted mathematician. Dawes served as headmaster for over thirty years, spanning the years of the Great War. Boys he had known died.

Over four hundred Old Boys went to war. Adventurous Old Boys returned from the ends of the Earth – from Canada, Australia, South America and the Pacific. They joined with old classmates, from shops and offices in the town. Farm boys, wearing the tunics of the Shropshire Yeomanry, rode in from the countryside. They suffered hardship and danger, earned medals for gallantry and played a part in history. Present-day pupils of Bridgnorth Endowed School can feel proud to be part of this heritage.

“The personal service I received was superior. No query or problem was left unanswered or unattended.”

Nicholas King