Supreme Obsession

Supreme Obsession

Paul Pius


Something is stirring on a frozen planet far away from the Kingdom of Heaven.

  • ISBN 9781781327678
  • Published May 2018
  • paperback
    203 x 133mm (252 pages)


Everything has its opposite. Beginning has End. Day juggles Night. Light battles Dark. Birth toggles Death. Good wrestles Evil.

As Dr. Kojo Asante, the genius who has discovered the key to immortality, unfolds his discovery in front of a rejoicing worldwide audience, Satan looks on from a nearby rooftop, chanting, plotting and seething.

Billions of years earlier, a group of immortals declared war on Lord God. The result was a humiliating failure as the insurgents were banished from the Kingdom of Heaven Planet to wander the constellations for eternity. At that time, the mastermind behind the coup, the mysterious Lord Lugar, disappeared without a trace.

But now, something is stirring on a frozen planet far away from the Kingdom of Heaven. With humankind on the brink of achieving immortality, it is time for the Opposite of God to return.

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