In Our Fathers' Footsteps

In Our Fathers' Footsteps

Jenny Martin


Jenny Martin's second historical work follows in the footsteps of the brave men and women involved in twentieth century conflict.

  • ISBN 9781781327968
  • Published Aug 2018
  • Paperback
    203 x 133mm (144 pages)


Jennyís wartime memories were of a bleak childhood blighted by her fatherís absence in the British Liberation Army. In stark, unfair contrast, her husband Paulís top wartime memory was of the ducks laying their eggs in his fatherís tin hat. Home Guard duties were zilch in the peaceful Northumbrian hamlet where he was the minister.

Why did his father ditch a promising science career for the ministry in that remote spot? Many years later painstaking research revealed the amazing answer to Paulís boyhood question.

Follow Jenny as she retraces her fatherís and Paulís fatherís footsteps Ė starting with her fatherís journey from the Normandy Landings to the Liberation of Europe, to her father-in-lawís hairís breadth avoidance of the Nazi nuclear physics machine, ending with a journey back in time, taking in two famous battles, to Paulís ancestor, Walcher, made Bishop of Durham by William the Conqueror in 1071.

Sales proceeds to be donated to the Royal British Legion.

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