Mother of Millennials [Hardback]

Mother of Millennials [Hardback]

Kathryn Mortimer


Time to delve into the fascinating world of the millennial generationÖ

  • ISBN 9781781328163
  • Published Sep 2018
  • Hardback
    216 x 140mm (192 pages)


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I donít understand. It wasnít supposed to be like this. Iíve got the Life Plan for our daughters right here, and the 2018 entry clearly states:

Harriet, age 25: stable career and ready to buy first home.
Sally, age 21: about to graduate from university and start career.

I know the plan was written a long time ago when the girls were very young. The ink has faded and my handwriting isnít very legible, but Iím certain thatís what it says. Surely Iíd remember if there was anything in there about Harriet taking time out to have a quarter life crisis, or Sally dropping out of education at the age of 17 and experiencing debilitating mental illness. Theyíre not the sort of things youíd put in a Life Plan for your children then forget about.

Clearly something went wrong. But what? More importantly, how should we update the plan to make it appropriate for modern life?

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