3d book cover for Arabian night patrol by Ian Thewlis

Arabian Night Patrol

Ian Thewlis


As the battle for Kuwait and terrorist attacks intensify, Rob has to fight for his own survival.

  • ISBN 9781781328194
  • Published Mar 2019
  • Paperback
    210 x 148mm (276 pages)


Saudi Arabia – a desert oil camp during the Gulf War and the genesis of the War on Terror.

Fighter jets scream overhead, air raid sirens clash with the call of the muezzin, and duels between Scud and Patriot missiles light up the sky.

Rob, a British safety officer, volunteers for the patrol guarding the camp perimeter. Night patrols and terrorist threats leave him disorientated and wondering what to do next with his life. His wife wants him to return home but a more exciting future tempts him when he meets June, a free-spirited American artist. As the battle for Kuwait and terrorist attacks intensify, Rob is forced to fight for his own survival.

In the tradition of Graham Greene and John Le Carre, this political thriller explores the conflicting perspectives and loyalties of Westerners and Arabs under the pressures of war and threat of terrorism.

'The Middle East is a snake pit', says Rick, the camp's security boss. 'We can't be Boy Scouts in this war'.

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